Rejection and acceptance

This week’s episode opens with Robin in a psychiatrist’s office. I feel like there’s a collective thought by many “How I Met Your Mother” fans — FINALLY. Robin’s character has clearly exhibited signs that she needs some serious therapy, and we’re proud of her for seeking help. Until we find out that it’s actually court-mandated, which she received for assaulting someone.

After the slight letdown, Robin begins telling the story about how she ended up in the office. By the way, is anyone else kind of excited that the writers switched it up and let Robin tell the story from her perspective? I found it pretty interesting, not to mention I was comforted knowing that other people tell personal stories terribly. Thank goodness I’m a better journalist. But I digress.

As I’ve said before, Robin seems to be getting the short end of the stick in life right now. She’s still in love with Barney, who keeps sending Nora gifts at work to prove he’s changed. One of my favorite lines ever delivered by Robin: “No one asked you, Patrice!” Poor Robin, who sits behind Nora at work. Also, in an attempt to get rid of her, Robin suggests Nora for an assignment overseas. Her boss then tells her that even though Robin has seniority, he was going to suggest Nora for it anyway — because he wants to sleep with her. Good thing for him this show is fictional for the most part.

Barney’s pursuit of Nora and being passed over for a great opportunity at work makes Robin feel both dejected and rejected. Can you blame her? I’d be pretty bummed if I were her. But she’s not alone. Ted’s feeling pretty rejected as well, when Lily tells him to butt out of hers and Marshall’s intimate moments as if they are his own (See “Team Baby” shirt).

Marshall takes pity on Ted and they tell Lily that 1. they don’t like her doctor, Dr. Sonya, who allows Lily to have “just a little bit” of things pregnant women shouldn’t be doing, and 2. she should take a birthing class. Ignoring Lily’s protest, Marshall and Ted show up to the class and attempt to take it themselves. This, of course, ends predictably: they realize Lily should be involved (obviously) and Ted freaks out about the fact that he imagined himself married and having children by this point in his life.

Okay, now back to Robin, who is the real star of this episode. Robin takes advantage of Nora’s absence to make an attempt at winning Barney back. She volunteers to help Barney get rid of all his old, let’s call them “props,” from his apparently abandoned player days.

In the process, a former “prop” contacts a clearly crazy woman, instructing her to meet Barney at MacLaren’s. At this point, Robin is angry because Barney told her she’s actually more like a bro. I feel Robin’s pain — I’d be pretty mad if the man I was in love with still said I was more like a bro than a woman he’d be attracted to. This drives Robin to tell the crazy woman, who she runs into at MacLaren’s, where Barney and Nora are.

By this point, I’m pretty surprised her conscience hasn’t kicked in. Robin’s pretty practical, even in matters of the heart (yes, that was probably a cliché phrase — oh well). But not to worry, Robin fans. As the crazy woman approaches the restaurant Nora and Barney are at, we see Robin tackle, fight and get herself arrested. Not only do we discover whom Robin assaulted — obviously not Nora, too easy — but we cheer on our beloved Robin.

Robin is commended by her therapist for being a good friend, and frankly, we all probably should. Maybe she didn’t make the right decisions along the way, but she got there — and got herself arrested to make up for it.

It really seemed as though this episode was very moral-based, with the lesson being, “be a good friend.” Normally I can pick these lessons out a mile away (I watched a lot of Disney as a child), but I have to admit, my predictions were a little off this time. But Ted says it well, and I think the lesson can be applied to many different situations: “Sometimes love takes a step back.” Whether it’s letting someone you love go, taking a break to get some perspective or backing off so others can make their memories together, everyone needs a step back every once in awhile.

While the show deviated from its normal direction, I appreciated the change. We got to know more about Robin and learned an important lesson at the same time. Who said you can’t learn anything from television? I can find a lesson in anything.

Let me know what you thought about this week’s episode and my opinions. Side note: Barney’s still wearing the duckie tie. #ducktieslams


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